First Rainbowsix siege tournament

1- Player can join the tournament by sending request to join” toGameOn Admins through the tournament page in GameOnapp.
2- To join the tournament, player need to create a team of 7 players (5 primary and 2 subs) in GameOn App and sendrequest to join” to GameOn Admins through the tournament page in GameOn app.
3- Teams must provide all needed information to apply for the tournament.
4- Teams must check in 30 min before tournament starts.
5- Any change in the team lineup can be can be done till registration period ends once the team accepted to participate no changes can be done.
6- Player substitution is only allowed before the start of the match. If the match has already started (operator selection), all five listed players must participate in the match, Playersubstitutions are allowed for Bo3 matches between pitches.
7- Opponents will be available to view through tournament bracket and my matches in GameOn application
8- In case of winning the tournament, player will be notified by message from GameOn Admin.
9- For any questions or support contact tournament admins on discord server. (discord server link)